The Story of the Family Started back in 1857 when the Family settled the land they still live on today and started Farming Cattle. Ever since then the family has been involved in the Livestock Industry with Beef Farms, Dairy Farms, Butchers and Livestock Agents.

Invaluable knowledge has been passed through the generations to build and create a rich heritage of stockman and farmers. It is not a job to us it is a lifestyle, it is in our blood and it is who we are.

Over the last century the skills in raising and producing good quality livestock has been perfected and now we set those skills into selecting the quality animals and products to bring to you accessible farm to table produce.

Our fresh & natural meat is ethically sourced, GMO and hormone free! We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality fresh meat to our customers.

So from our family to yours we hope you taste and experience the knowledge and passion we have for the land and livestock that grace this precious place we call home.

Welcome to the family,

Meat At The Mount



Farm To Table Produce

Unique At The Mount

Having been expertly selected and crafted through our facility you will be able to experience the difference. You will experience the way meat should be. Consistent, Fresh, Natural, Tender. You will know what we mean once you have eaten some.



All our animals are HGP free and GMO free.

Keeping within the Family our Livestock Agency business has the ability to source the very best livestock available for us to serve to you.

Like any industry each season has its little nuances and knowing what each season brings to the flavours and animals means we know where to go toosurce the very best products for you whilst maintaining the very high standards that we strive to deliver to your dinner plate.

Not only having our experts select the animals we have Australia to help us. We live in one of the worlds leading livestock producing nations in the world. Countries the world over pay premiums for Australian Protein.

Our greatest assets are our people and you can be assured that we have taken the time and used our passion to raise and source the very best for you.

Having long lasting relationships with our farming client some going back more than 40 years, we are able to know who and where to find the little gems hidden in the paddocks of Australia.


Our expert Butchers will craft each steak out and trim to the perfect portion ready for your enjoyment.

Our devotion and respect to the animals that the food has come from keeps with our Butchers and staff and they meticulously craft every products making sure nothing is wasted.