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How to cook a Drunken Leg of Lamb

How do you cook a leg of lamb so tender?

The best thing to remember in cooking any tough meat is simply by slow simmering in low heat. Lamb shoulder could take over two hours to reach the perfect tenderness while a Leg of Lamb, could take 40mins to an hour per 1 kg.

“Before you roast your lamb it’s best to let it come up to room temperature. This will result in a more tender roast once it’s cooked. I take mine out an hour before I cook it, remove it from any packaging and then cover it loosely with cling film. In this recipe I rub it with olive oil, garlic, mint and rosemary during this time too.” (Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen)

Using the slow cooker is the ideal tool to use for most slow cook recipes in order to achieve that perfect tenderness whilst keeping it moist.

What is the cooking time for a Drunken Leg of lamb?

Roast the LAMB for 20 minsper 450g/lb, plus an extra 20 mins. Weigh meat prior to roasting to determine cooking times. Cook at 220C/200C fan for the first 20 mins and then 190C/170C fan for the remaining time.

1kg Drunken Leg of Lamb– Roast for 30 mins at 220C, and a lower heat at 190C for another 30mins for a medium finish.

2kg whole leg of lamb – 2 hours, 5 minutes for medium or 2 hours, 30 minutes for well done.

Once the Leg of Lamb finishes roasting, it is important to cover in foil and let it rest for about 15 minutes.

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