Fundraising Made Easy

Meat at the mount butcher shop wants to help your club to prosper and grow.

Everyone needs to buy meat from somewhere on a regular basis, by purchasing online from Meat at the Mount they not only have delicious Quality Country Fresh Meat,  but convenience in delivery and the ability to support their club on an ongoing basis. Without having to dip in their pocket for things they don’t need or want.

Ever wished you could fund raise with out having to collect the neighborhoods loose change? Now you can!

How it works:

  1. Plan a weekly or fortnightly day for your delivery.
  2. Email or call Meat at the Mount fundraising team to register your club
  3. Distribute your club unique coupon code and delivery date to your members to be used when ordering
  4. Your members can place orders right up until the day before delivery. Payment should be made via the website, some may choose to pay cash this will need to be available at time of delivery.
  5. We will deliver your delicious country fresh meat to your club rooms
  6. Taste the difference and re order ready for next weeks delivery

How much money will we raise?

Your club will receive 10% of all orders that have entered your clubs coupon code.

Orders that total between $1000 and $2000 will earn 12% and orders over $2000 will earn 15%. Order must be delivered on the same day to be eligible.

We recommend you encourage your members to pay via credit card on the website to save any money collection and/or change issues on the day of delivery.