Mrs Clucks Paddock Raised Eggs
Eggs are sourced from nomadic, paddock-raised, ethically farmed hens, that live freely on Mrs Clucks farm in the heart of the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. You’ve never tasted eggs like these. 100% paddock raised South Australian Taste the difference...
from $4.30
Fleurieu Farm Fresh Homogenised Milk is pasteurised and homogenised giving the milk that old fashioned creamy appearance and taste. Holstein Fresian stock are used to produce the Fleurieu Farm Fresh Range. It’s real, unadulterated milk containing no permeates. Available in...
from $4.30
Fleurieu Yoghurt (500g)
5 flavours to choose from...--Flavoured Yogurt to add to your grocery list.
from $4.25
Flavoured Milk & Iced Coffee
Choice of Chocolate or Iced Coffee Sold by 2L or 500ml -- Flavoured Milk with different flavours
from $3.25
Kangaroo Island Oats
Rolled and Quick Oats are available in 900g pack sizes.Kangaroo Island Oats produces the Kowari oat variety for its improved beta-glucan content. All 100% grown on Kangaroo Island, South Australia
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