from $9.99
So many flavours to choose from! Our sausages are one of our most popular buys. Work your way through all the flavours and you’ll definitely find out why… 5 delicious natural skinned sausage varieties to choose from: Natural Skin BBQ...
from $9.99
Beef Mince
So versatile, so easy! Whip up all your family favourites with our lean, grain-fed beef mince.Burgers, tacos, lasagnes, meatballs… fried, baked, simmered or stewed.Full of juicy flavour, every dish you create will be amazing. 90% lean meat, 10% fat 100%...
Chicken Breast
Lean and full of healthy protein, chicken breast so very easy to incorporate into any meal. Stir-fried, oven baked or grilled, you’ll always be able to cook up a quick meal or a gourmet feast when you’ve got a few...
from $8.49
From breakfast to dinner and anytime in-between, everything is better with a slice of crispy, crunchy, smoky bacon. 100% free-range pork Gluten free GMO-Free Available in 500g or 1kg packs
from $8.49
Chicken Breast Schnitzel
Juicy on the inside, crunchy on the outside and served with a delicious gravy or any combination of toppings you can dream up - this classic Aussie favourite is sure to be a quick and easy crowd-pleaser. 100% barn raised...
from $9.49
Chicken Kebabs
Our delicious, done-for-you chicken kebabs take all the hard work out of meal prep. Flavoured to perfection and ready to throw straight onto the BBQ or grill, they’re sure to become a firm family favourite.  Available in... Honey Soy Satay...
Mrs Clucks Paddock Raised Eggs
Eggs are sourced from nomadic, paddock-raised, ethically farmed hens, that live freely on Mrs Clucks farm in the heart of the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. You’ve never tasted eggs like these. 100% paddock raised South Australian Taste the difference...
Lamb Loin Chops
Chuck another chop on the barbie. Fresh Fleurieu lamb chops that is. Cut thick with a chunky ‘tail’ (the best bit!), there’s sure to be fights over the last one. But don’t worry - we’ve got plenty of ‘em. 100%...
Marinated Chicken Wingettes: Honey Soy, Buffalo & Satay
Wonderfully sticky and the perfect size for sharing, everyone will love tucking into our chicken wingettes, smothered in our delicious house-made marinades. And because they’re extra cost effective, they’re ideal for your next BBQ or get together!  Available in... Honey...
Diced Beef Steak
Perfect for adding unmistakable flavour to your slow cooked stews and casseroles, our hand-cut diced beef is as convenient as it is tasty! And the secret to fall-apart tender chunks? Sear it quickly then cook it slowly… trust us. 100%...
from $9.75
Scotch Fillet Steak
One of our most popular beef cuts - and one of the easiest to cook our scotch fillet steaks are succulent, tender and marbled to perfection to ensure a juicy and flavoursome meal every time. 100% South Australian Grown &...
Porterhouse Steak (2 pack)
A true powerhouse in the steak world and seriously popular with beef lovers everywhere, our expert butchers make sure each Porterhouse is cut just as it should be - lean and mean, ready for grilling to your liking before sitting down...
Legacy1841 Beef Burgers
6 pack of patties Frozen 100% South Australian beef GMO & Hormone Free Halal certified beef
$10.50 $8.40
BBQ Marinated Steak
Smothered in our own signature sticky BBQ sauce, our marinated steak is perfectly tender and will take any steak sandwich from ‘tasty’ to ‘mind-blowingly good’ in no time. They’ll definitely be lining up for more. 100% South Australian Grass-fed &...
from $12.49
Beef Schnitzel
from $11.99
Beef Schnitzel
A pub staple that’s just as easy to whip up at home, our delicious beef schnitzels feature perfectly sliced shoulder or topside steak crumbed to perfection and ready to shallow fry or bake.   100% South Australian  Grass-fed & free range...
from $11.99
Beef Rissoles (8 Pieces)
Plump, juicy and bursting with flavour, our beef rissoles are just as perfect filling out a burger as they are becoming meatballs in a delicious spaghetti sauce atop your favourite pasta. Buono!    SA grown & free-range   Grass-fed  ...
Chicken Thigh (6 pack)
Bursting with flavour, this coveted cut is perfect for tray bakes, casseroles or even shredding up into a burrito. And a curry simply wouldn’t be the same without their succulent, slow cooked fall-apart quality. 100% barn raised & cage-free RSPCA...
Rump Steak
Hands down, you can’t beat a rump steak for flavour or value. Lean and meaty, it is a serious cut of steak for when only a serious cut of steak will do. Full flavoured and a little firmer than the...
Whole Chicken
  There’s something comforting about a cooked chook - crispy skin on the outside with juicy, succulent meat underneath, and topped with a drizzle of pan juice gravy. Does it get any better? Well, yes, it does. When it’s one...
Chicken Kiev (2 pack)
Crumbed and fried to perfection, nothing beats a Chicken Kiev for a quick weeknight meal. 100% barn raised & cage-free RSPCA Approved South Australian  Available individually or in packs of 4 Best Cooked: Pan fry or baked served with mash...
Forequarter Lamb Chops
A traditional and economical staple, lamb forequarter chops are simply delicious flame grilled on the BBQ, or used as a meaty base in a braise or stew. A true all-rounder. Or why not try our pre-marinated version for something a...
Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box
Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, hand selected directly from local farmers. FRUIT 6 Mandarins 8 small Apple 2 small Pears 5 Banana 2 Oranges 2 Avocados 1 punnet Strawberries VEG 4 Carrots 1 Med Red Capsicum 1kg Potato 1 Sweet potato 1...
Marinated Chicken Thigh Steaks
  Quick weeknight meals have never been easier, or more scrumptious! With three delicious flavours to choose from, simply throw these chicken thighs straight onto the BBQ, grill or pan, throw together a green salad and have it all on...
from $4.30
Fleurieu Farm Fresh Homogenised Milk is pasteurised and homogenised giving the milk that old fashioned creamy appearance and taste. Holstein Fresian stock are used to produce the Fleurieu Farm Fresh Range. It’s real, unadulterated milk containing no permeates. Available in...
from $4.30
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