Leg Of Lamb
from $41.00
Leg Of Lamb
Leg Of Lamb, perfect for roasting and sharing with the family. Locally sourced Grass fed lamb GMO & Hormone Free
from $41.00
Whole Porterhouse
3kg whole porterhouse steak
Beef Brisket
approx. weight 2 kg
Whole Scotch Fillet
4kg whole scotch fillet steak
Whole Fillet
Sold per 1.8kg
Whole Chuck Roast
sold as whole 2kg chuck roast
Beef Short Ribs
Beef Short Ribs are the meatier version of pork ribs. They're called “short ribs” in reference to the part of the cow they are taken from but not at all short of any meat! In fact, it contains the most valued part of this kind...
Bolar Roast
Our Bolar Roast Beef is GMO and Hormone Free produce. This cut of beef makes a delicious pot roast. It is an inexpensive cut taken from the shoulders. Once cooked, simply make thin slices for a roast beef sandwich or chop it into...
The Butcher's Cut
TEXAS DIRT Skip the charcoal grill without sacrificing flavour! Whether you’re cooking on the cast iron, or on a gas grill, Texas Dirst is crafted to capture the natural wood smoke flavour that every cut of meat deserves!Best used: Beef, Wild Game. Ingredients: Sea...
Butcher's Banquet Rubs
SALTBUSH & ANISEED MYRTLE A true blue Aussie rub! Saltbush & Aniseed Myrtle rub is a premium seasoning made locally with Aussie bush herbs, perfect for your all-Aussie barbie. Our Butcher's Banquet Gold range includes all natural ingredients, with native...
Wagyu Point End Brisket M7
South Australian Wagyu sold as half (2kg) and whole (4kg) cuts Marble Score 7
from $79.98
Le Fermier Speciality Spice Blends
The Le Fermier range of herbs and spices are made with premium quality ingredients, and are a must for any foodie to have in their pantry. Perfect for seasoning all kinds of meat, both red and white, including beef, chicken, other...
from $15.00
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