Create A Fantastic Christmas Spread


Ending year 2020 with a bang is a trending idea right now. After all, we all deserve a fantastic Christmas celebration this year. So we have put together a few inspiration for your Christmas spread this year. Here are a few tips we think could make your table spread merrier and jolly:
  • Use pixie lights for the table spread.
  • Add a few Christmas trinkets and crackers.
  • Use colorful garnishes: pomegranate seeds, parsley, thyme, cranberry sauce, mint jelly
  • Use edible sparkly star confettis from the baking section of any grocery
  • Use shortbread to spread across the table and kids can help themselves!
See images below for more ideas! Be sure to grab your Christmas essentials before the shops run out. But don't fret on the meaty stuff! Adelaide local butchers will sort that out for you. Pre-order your meat essentials and get it delivered fresh to your door a few days before Christmas Day. Meat At The Mount Pre orders will close on 18 December. Don't forget to order your essentials!
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