How To Cook & Store Roast Bolar Beef

Watch the video above to see how to make a delicious Roast Beef Pot.

It is the best dish to make when you are pressed for time and in a rush. Hearty and delicious, this simple guide below will save you from wastage whilst ensuring freshness for your raw/cooked meat. Keep it safe, freeze! It's a common knowledge to us all that freezing beef meat prolongs storage time because it avoids microbial growth. It is worth it to check our freezing guide for every meat we store and labelling them with the dates. Why freezer storage times for cooked beef dishes are shorter than fresh beef Certain flavours in cooked dishes, such as onion and garlic, oxidise in the freezer over time – it's known as flavour tainting. Because many cooked beef dishes contain one or both of these ingredients, we recommend storing for no more than one month to keep the flavours tasting fresh.

Frozen RAW roast beef The best way to defrost beef is to leave it in the fridge until completely thawed. The same as for any meat.
  • Remove beef from freezer
  • Keep beef in freezer wrapping and place it on a dish.
  • Store on bottom shelf of fridge until thawed and consume within the recommended fridge storage time. once thawed, cook immediately.
Beef cut Thawing time
Large roast 4–7 hours per 500g
Small roast 3–5 hours per 500g
Steaks (about 3cm thick) About 12 hours or overnight.
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