Lamb Loin Chops
Chuck another chop on the barbie. Fresh Fleurieu lamb chops that is. Cut thick with a chunky ‘tail’ (the best bit!), there’s sure to be fights over the last one. But don’t worry - we’ve got plenty of ‘em. 100%...
Forequarter Lamb Chops
A traditional and economical staple, lamb forequarter chops are simply delicious flame grilled on the BBQ, or used as a meaty base in a braise or stew. A true all-rounder. Or why not try our pre-marinated version for something a...
Lamb Shanks (2 pack)
For the ultimate winter indulgence, our delicious lamb shanks are the perfect thing to satisfy that craving for a hearty meal. Cook them long and slow for hours - your house will be full of delicious smells, and your belly...
Leg Of Lamb
from $38.00
Leg Of Lamb
Leg Of Lamb, perfect for roasting and sharing with the family. Locally sourced Grass fed lamb GMO & Hormone Free
from $38.00
Drunken Leg of Lamb
Butterflied lamb leg Sold per 1.5kg Min weight 1.5kg Price based on $21.99 per kilo --All our Drunken Leg of lamb are grass fed, locally grown in South Australia and are grass fed.
Lamb Leg Chop
Sold as a 500g pack
Lamb Diced
from $13.99
Lamb Diced
Locally grown, grass-fed quality Lamb
from $13.99
Lamb Cutlets
from $19.99
Lamb Cutlets
Lamb cutlets cut straight from the rack sold per kilo approximately 8-10 cutlets per kilo locally sourced, free range lamb
from $19.99
Easy Carve Leg of Lamb
Grass Fed Free Range Locally grown in The Fleurieu, South Australia minimum 1.5kg -- Easy Carve Leg of Lamb are free range, grass fed and locally bred in South Australia.
Lamb Rissole Patties
sold as a pack of 8 approx. 800g
1/4 Lamb Pack
Your perfect Australian BBQ Feast with our free-range lamb pack. Our Farm Fresh Grass-fed lamb contains a selection of lamb cuts catered to suit all preferences.  Guaranteed No Nasties, GMO & Hormone Free! 1kg forequarter chops 8 lamb loin chops 1/2 leg of lamb (bone...
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets
1kg of crumbed lamb cutlets
Lamb Shoulder (Bone In)
What Sunday lunch is complete without a lamb roast? Tender, sweet and oh-so-economical, the shoulder cut is what makes this roast so juicy. Cooked low and slow, the meat will virtually fall of the bone when dinnertime rolls around. PS....
Lamb & Halloumi Skewer
Perfect for special occassions Lamb cuts (approx 3-4 per stick) Halloumi (Approx 3 per stick) Best Cooked: Pan Fry or Grilled. Heat a large frypan over medium-high heat. Cook each skewer for 1-2 minutes each side. Add 1 tbs herbed...
from $4.00
Epic Lamb Pack
This lamb meat box is perfect for a party. Complete your Easter BQQ with a variety of lamb selections for your guests. Includes free delivery! Lamb Pack Contents: 1kg Forequarter Chops 1/2 Leg of Lamb (approx. 1.5kg) 8 pack Lamb Loin...
Rack of Lamb
minimum weight 750g locally sourced, SA grass fed lamb 
Lamb Mince
from $11.99
Lamb Mince
minced lamb
from $11.99
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