Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box
Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, hand selected directly from local farmers. FRUIT 6 Mandarins 8 small Apple 2 small Pears 5 Banana 2 Oranges 2 Avocados 1 punnet Strawberries VEG 4 Carrots 1 Med Red Capsicum 1kg Potato 1 Sweet potato 1...
Fruit & Veg Essentials Box
Locally sourced, fresh fruit, straight from the farmers. Fresher than the supermarket, and delivered to your door. Broccoli x 2 (x1 if large) Cauliflower Carrots 1kg Potatoes 1kg Corn Cobs x 3 Avocados x 2 Button Mushrooms x 200g Cherry...
Mixed Grill for 2
600g rump steak 4 natural skin sausages 2 beef patties
The Mighty Grill Box
2x 600g Rump Steaks 2x 300g Scotch Fillet Steaks 4 Chicken Mignons 1kg Beef Mince 1kg Beef Natural Skin Sausages 1kg Bacon 1kg Lamb Loin Chops 8 Beef Patties 1kg Chicken Breast + PLUS + 1x Seasonal Fruit & Veg...
Homemaker Essentials Box
All your weekly necessities in one box! 1kg 100% Australian Bacon 1kg Natural Skin Sausages 1kg Beef Mince 2 Premium Steaks 1 dozen local eggs
The Adelady Box
We're excited to have teamed up with Lauren & Hayley's Adelady to develop a meat box packed full of our favourites! Beef Mince (500g) Chicken Roast (boned & rolled) Chicken breasts (3 pack) Natural Skin BBQ Pork Sausages (10-12 / 1kg) Lamb...
Best of Meat At The Mount Box
Our butchers will carefully select a combination of our customer's favourite items: Porterhouse Steak, Whole Scotch Fillet or T-Bone (1kg, serves 4) Chicken Kiev or Mignons x4 Beef Mince 1kg Sausages 1kg 1kg Bacon ADDITIONAL SURPRISE GIFT (for 4) This...
Gym Meal Prep Box
 3x chicken breast (1kg) 500g minced beef 1 porterhouse steak 1 dozen "Mrs Clucks" eggs    Each item is individually packed for easy meal planning and preparation
Epic Lamb Pack
This lamb meat box is perfect for a party. Complete your Easter BQQ with a variety of lamb selections for your guests. Includes free delivery! Lamb Pack Contents: 1kg Forequarter Chops 1/2 Leg of Lamb (approx. 1.5kg) 8 pack Lamb Loin...
Feed The Family Box
All Valued at $109. Save $19! Includes all family faves: 1 Dozen Free Range Eggs 1kg Bacon 2 Litres of Fleurieu Milk Company Full Cream Milk 8 Chicken Patties 1kg of BBQ Sausages 1kg Marinated Steak 1kg Chicken Thigh Schnitzels 1kg...
Meat Lover's Box
All your family favourites in one box! 500g Beef Mince 1kg Chicken Breast 1kg Chicken Schnitzel (usually 5-6) 1kg BBQ Natural Skin Sausages 8 pack (1kg) Lamb Loins 4x Porterhouse Steaks 1kg American Style Ribs 1kg Lamb Forequarter Chops 4...
1/4 Lamb Pack
Your perfect Australian BBQ Feast with our free-range lamb pack. Our Farm Fresh Grass-fed lamb contains a selection of lamb cuts catered to suit all preferences.  Guaranteed No Nasties, GMO & Hormone Free! 1kg forequarter chops 8 lamb loin chops 1/2 leg of lamb (bone...
Butcher's Choice Variety Box
This box is designed for 2 people, and will be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our butchers will carefully select a combination of the following items each week: – 2x CHICKEN: breast, thigh, maryland or chops– 2x PREMIUM STEAK– MINCE BEEF:...
BBQ Meat Box
A party pleaser, our bbq meat pack is curated to cater to a feast of 15-20 people. Contains the following 100% Australian proteins: 4 Forequarter Chops 1kg Beef Mince 1kg BBQ Sausages 500g Marinated Steak 4 Chicken Patties / Rissoles 4 Beef...
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