How To Freeze Meat

In the middle of an unexpected pandemic in the year 2020, we all learnt one of the most essential hack to survival; Food Preservation. When groceries for the first time in decades had scarcity in food and supplies due to panic buying, our survival mode has reached a maximum level. That meant, freezing lots of fresh food! Freezer burnt meat isn't as good as properly stored frozen meat. The meat becomes chewy and you won't have that tenderness even for a well-cooked stew! So what is the best way to store meat? Wrapping your meat in butcher's paper and sealing into ziplocks is the best way. Alternatively, use foil to wrap any meat to keep its freshness inside the freezer and we promise you it won't disappoint. An environment-friendly advise... wash this foil and reuse for the next meat you wish to freeze! Make sure to wash thorough and drying it well as to avoid contamination.
Wrap in foil
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