How To Choose Your Steak

We love our steaks but how much do we actually know about each cut? When ordering your favourite cut of steak, we recommend choosing a cut that is between lean and fatty. Steaks with marbling, are often sought for. Hence, why Wagyu can be more expensive. Sourcing your quality beef from your trusted Butchers could be just as good! Every steak cut has its own personality. A fillet mignon is favoured by many for its tenderness while ribeye or strip loin is preferred by some for its tendernes and flavour. Here is a simple infographic guide to help you choose the perfect steak for an unforgettable bbq party:
  1. SIRLOIN - Considered to be a prime steak. like fillet but has more flavour. Best served medium-rare.
  2. T-BONE - To make sure it cooks evenly, it's best finished in the oven. Great for sharing.
  3. BAVETTE - Cheap cut that is served no more than medium and is great for the barbeque.
  4. FILLET - Prized as the most tender cut and the most expensive. It has a little fat and is best served as rare as you like.
  5. RIB-EYE - There are two cuts to note: Rib-eye boneless and usually serves one and the rib on the bone, also known as a cote de boeuf, which traditionally serves two. Best served medium-rare.
  6. RUMP - Flavourful and affordable. Can be cooked as individual steaks, flash-fried and served whole or barbecued as large piece.
  7. ONGLET - Also called hanger steak, very lean and rope-shaped. Needs to be served rare otherwise can become to tough to eat.

Order your favourite steak cuts and try out different ways to cook them.

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