Introducing our Meat Ambassador

Sashi Cheliah joins Meat At The Mount butchers as our first official Meat Ambassador.

Following his success as the winner of MasterChef in 2018, Sashi has opened multiple restaurants serving Asian fusion cuisine and has a love of using high-quality, local produce.

As Meat Ambassador, he’ll be sharing some recipes, advice and tutorials on getting the best out of your meat.

As Sashi’s motto goes…

Food is about sharing and spending time together, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to enjoy deliciously cooked meals and bond at dinner time.”

This is indeed very close to our hearts. We believe that quality meat produce should be accessible to all whilst providing a great deal of support and appreciation for our australian producers and local farmers.

In the words of Scott, our founding director,

“Over the years we have had many memories created over the dinner table enjoying the exact same meat that you are about to enjoy. As quality in our product is built on trust and experience so is the foundation of our company.”

Sashi’s exotic and authentic dishes was not only a perfect theme for this winter season, but also showcases how easy it is to cook our natural and succulent meat.

This recipe is unique and different from the typical stews we may tend to go for. His recipes, as complex as they may sound, are actually just quick 20-30 minute processes and we love them! We hope you enjoy them too.

If you’ve cooked this recipe, don’t forget to share away!

Steak it easy,
Meat At The Mount

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