• Teriyaki Pinacolada Burger

    Teriyaki Pinacolada Burger

    A Burger Recipe Favourite This could be your new favourite burger recipe. Teriyaki Pinacolada Burger is a game changer. A combination of a juicy beef burger, with some sweet teriyaki sauce mixed with a tangy flavour from a grilled pineapple. Plus you get that high vitamin C we all need! Ingredients 4 Brioche Buns 1841 Legacy Burgers 2/3  cup teriyaki sauce  Salt and pepper 2 tablespoons of butter melted plus more...
  • Beef Stew in Red Wine

    Beef Stew in Red Wine

    The famous slow cooking method is everyone's go-to on a lazy cook in. We all know slow cooking means there is enough to go around for everyone for the next few days. This recipe is so versatile to recycle leftovers into a pie or a pasta sauce.
  • Quick Beef Stir Fry

    Quick Beef Stir Fry

    Beef stir fry is a chinese takeaway staple for people across the world. This dish comes in different sauces; Mongolian beef stir fry, hoisin beef, black pepper stir fry, black bean beef stir fry and the list goes on. This dish is a favourite alongside the famous sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, and General Tso's. But did you know that this dish takes...
  • Beef Rissoles

    Rissoles are known to be an economical everyday dish. Australian Rissole is a cross between a Patty and a Meatball which makes it a perfect meat to create with a pack of minced beef. You could simply set aside for burgers later on the week and make some spaghetti meatballs for tonight! Honestly, we just love the versatility of beef rissoles and one that...
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